New operator worries

//New operator worries

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breaks and usually time and the cost is the determining factor. There are so many advancements in
operator technology in the past ten years it is worth checking into options.
There are four basic drive operating systems for your garage door.
Traditional chain drives operators are the most commonly used. A chain similar to a bicycle is used on a
track to move the trolley and gears to open your garage door. It is very reliable the biggest drawback is
the noise.
Screw drive operators are another type of operator. They use a long screw piece of metal to open the
garage door. They are quieter than the chain drive operator but do require your garage door to be
operating well or it will damage the operator parts.
Belt drive operators are the smoothest and quietest of all the rail operators. They use a system similar to
the chain drive operator, using a rubber belt instead of a chain. The belt drive operator is often used if
you have a bedroom near the garage.
Last but not least is the jackshaft operator. This is an operator that mounts to the side of the door using
the torsion bar that attaches to your springs. This is the quietest operating system of all.
There are also advancements into the technology that works the operator. There are keypads and key
chain remotes. The latest invention is a wifi enabled operator that allows you to use your smart phone
to open and close your garage door from anywhere. It can even send an alert to your smart phone
letting you know the door is being used. It will also connect to alexa or google working with your home
automation devices.
Give us a call today to have one of our professional staff help you decide which operator is right for you.

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