Garage Door Repairs and Maintenance

You would think that garage doors aren’t that complicated. Well, they only go up and down, how much wear and tear can they go through? You’d be surprised. If you had to practice the same two movements over and over again, you would probably end up broken or not working very well.

That being said, with regular maintenance and repair of your garage door, there is no reason that they can’t live long and happy lives. We’ve got some handy tips on how to repair your garage door and how to give it the TLC it needs in order to be in great working order.

If your garage door is already acting up, then that is its way of telling you that it needs some love to get it back to working properly. So if you notice it acting up then it may be time to get out the toolbox before you have to resort to have it replaced completely.

First things first, examine the rollers, runners and tracks. Chances are they will be looking a little bit worse for wear, as they are often a neglected part of garage doors. Try giving them a really good clean and then adding some lubricant, just to keep them running nicely. This is often the most common problem with garage doors, and you can easily do this yourself. You’d be surprised at what a quick clean can do to old garage doors.

Another common problem is that the garage doors become noisy, which can get really annoying. Especially if you have to sleep next to or above a garage door. Luckily for you, noisy doors can be fixed really easily. Simply tighten the nuts on the doors, replace the rollers or hinges, or even just put a squirt of lubricant on any mechanisms to make sure they are running right.

Sometimes your garage door can freeze. If you live in an area that is prone to heavy frosts, then it might be wise to invest in a heat gun (though a hair dryer will do!) Then on especially cold days, make sure that you take a few minutes before pressing the open button to heat up the seals around the garage door. If you try and push the button while the door is still frozen shut then you run the risk of burning out the motor by trying to get it to perform a function it doesn’t have the power to.

Make sure to replace any broken glass that occurs (a common problem if you have children who like to play ball) and make sure the locks all work properly. Simply taking the time every now and then to look after your garage door can make a world of difference. And remember that there’s a lot of experts out there who are more than willing to help you with all of your garage door needs.

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