Common Problems With The Garage Doors

//Common Problems With The Garage Doors

The garage door is one of the most used doors in our home. If you have multiple vehicles or if you are having storage unit inside your garage, you made need to open and close it a number of times in a day. Garage doors are based on two mechanisms either they are manually operated by simple spring mechanism while some people prefer to have an automatic garage door at home or commercial building. It is very well understood that continuous use of the garage door may lead to wear of the parts causing trouble in opening and closing increasing the chances of hurt. You never know when you may need some expert advice from a Garage Door Repair Specialists. Here are few common problems which you may face with your garage door.

Opener not working: when you have manually operated garage door at home, it is common that there may be issues with the opener. If you are having a chain door or screw-drive operated garage door then there can be some friction which is preventing the garage door to open properly. This can be fixed by lubricating the door for easy movement. Noise in movement: the garage doors which are making noise on movement are very annoying and when you need to open your garage several times in a day, it can be very irritating for you as well as your neighbors. The noises develop due to rusty parts or because of some friction which can be tackled by carefully lubricating the door to avoid noise and work over rust.

Cracks and gaps: the cracks and gaps are other common issues which are found with the garage doors. The garage doors made of wood are very prone to cracks and damages due to contact with water or years of use. In a similar manner, even the garage doors made of iron can get rusty with exposure to air and water. You can use a good quality sealant or paint to prevent further damage to the door. However, if the door is damaged to a greater extent, then you must approach Garage Door Repair services for replacement as a matter of security consideration.

Sudden closing: another very common issue which you can face with your garage door is sudden closing when you try to open it. It can be happening because of a broken spring which is restricting the movement of your garage door. Therefore, you must immediately call an expert who could check and replace the broken springs with a new one to make sure your garage door move normally without any hassles.

Unresponsive operation: there are many reasons which may cause unresponsive operation of your garage door. Either it can be some faulty springs or maybe your door’s photo eyes. The photo eyes may not be sensing any object under your door causing lag in closing or opening. Therefore, you must get some expert hands who could check any hardware related malfunctioning to correct the door’s movement.

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