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I called not knowing what to expect. From who answered my call, to Kevin coming out and fixing my garage door, it was fast, and very professional. Kevin explained and showed me proof of all that was wrong with my door, and gave me knowledge to keep the door in tip top maintenance form. Give them a call. You’ll be glad you did! And I want to thank them for honoring our vets!
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Howard LaPrade
21:06 04 Apr 18
It was a great experience. Always on track responded to my email in minutes and thankfully had a technician here 1 hour after that. the technician was extremely pleasant, professional and thorough. He didn't quit trying until the job was done property. Excellent work.
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Liam Gabriel
00:38 08 Apr 18
Very fast honest service. Our track and springs broke on Saturday, they showed up within 2 hours to our house and had the equipment to get our door working again! The gentleman that arrived went through a quote and let us know we were did not have to make a decision that day and it would be a free consult. We decided to have the work done as both our cars were stuck in the garage. He was fast and clean and explained everything necessary! Will recommend this company if i know anyone else who needs them.
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Jillian King
19:28 24 Apr 18
Every time I call always on track, they pick up or call me back within a few minutes and rushed out to us either same day, or next morning. We have built a great relationship and it's just a good feeling to know they're there when we need them.
Always On Track Garage Door Repair 114307615494839964028
Jimmie K. Maurer
05:12 12 Apr 18
Always on Track Garage Doors answered my call this morning took my information; was to my house on time stated. Kevin the repair tech was very professional. We will use this company whenever we need repairs on our garage doors.
Always On Track Garage Door Repair 114307615494839964028
Robert Pressler
18:05 16 Apr 18

Garage Door Repair & Install Services for Every Home

AOT Garage Doors is your end-to-end garage door rollers, garage door repair, garage door install and garage door maintenance company. We work with households, commercial building administrators, contractors and real estate agents to build safer, superior and durable garage doors in the DFW metroplex. AOT Garage Doors is a full-service garage door company. Our services will keep your tenants, customers, and prospective buyers happy.


We offer a wide range of qualified specialist services including

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At AOT Garage Doors, we take pride in our highly experienced and extensively trained technicians on garage door repair, garage door install, and garage door maintenance. We combined experience with being prepared 24/7 to handle any kind of garage door emergency. They are familiar with all major garage door brands, understand their features, and know which of them are best suited for your needs. Their specialist eyes have been trained over the years to locate the smallest problem with your garage door, no matter where it is hidden. Whether the issue is with torsion springs, photo eyes, bent tracks, or something else, our garage door technicians will fix it for you – speedily and affordably, without any compromise in quality. Our team is made up of reliable garage door service professionals. We work fast, but never at the expense of quality service. We also respect your home and never leave any mess behind. These are the ethics and standards we live up to at AOT Garage Doors.

AOT Garage Doors Quality Promise

We have deep respect for your time, and satisfaction. That’s why we strive for 100% satisfaction for each of our customers. We never offer half-baked solutions that won’t survive the season, just to save costs. We provide you the full rundown of the issue, the various options available to you, and suggest you the best solution at competitive prices. But, it is always you who makes the decision. No hidden costs, no inflated prices, and definitely no substandard work. Every. Single. Time. We always strive to do the job right the first time around. That’s why we set high standards for the tools we use, the products we recommend, and the services we provide. When you call AOT Garage Doors, you can be sure you’re making the right choice.

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The thumb rule in garage door troubleshooting is that you always start with the simplest and most basic solutions. Perhaps, you are out of range. Get closer to your garage door and try the remote control again. If that doesn’t work, then check the batteries. The next step is to check whether the motor is properly plugged in.

If none of these solutions are working, then either your motor has a short circuit or it has burned out. If you are an experienced electrician, then you can change the motor yourself. If not, then don’t try it. Give us a call 972-DOOR-911.

There could be a problem with the safety sensors. These are photo-eye devices found on both sides of the garage door about six inches off the ground. A laser light passes between these two “eyes.”The garage door won’t close if they’re out of alignment or if something is blocking the laser, such as dust on the photo-eye or an object standing in the way. Clean the eyes and remove all objects directly beneath the garage door.

A miscalculation on the close limit settings can also be a cause. You can correct this by adjusting the knob that controls how far the door closes. Take care not to overestimate the settings or else it will wear out the weather stripping at the bottom, among other things.

This is another reason why you shouldn’t overestimate the close limit settings. If you set the limit too far, the mechanism will assume that the floor is an object standing in its way. As part of its safety feature, it will automatically go back up (supposedly avoiding crushing someone or something beneath it). The solution is to set the open and close limit settings just right.

The ideal frequency for garage door servicing is once a year. Manufacturers, however, often recommend a time frame for maintenance checks. Take note of this when you install a new garage door or inquire with your home’s previous owners. If you don’t know the make or age of your garage door (which is usually a good indicator of how often you need maintenance), call a professional garage door technician. They can assess its condition and recommend a follow-up schedule for maintenance.

Waiting until something breaks down may cost you more in the long run. Regular maintenance can extend the life of your garage door and save you the trouble — and expense — of multiple major repairs down the road.


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